Sparrow Undergoing Repairs at Maine Yacht Center

Sparrow has been in the capable hands of Brian Harris and his crew at the Maine Yacht Center. Above is the main hatch repair, needed as this area had a foam insert with no lamination on exterior or interior. Here is another repair made, this one to the main traveller beam:

Main Traveller Cross-Beam Repair

And here is the turning block repair:

Port Side Turning Block Repair

As you can see, the quality of the work is first-class. Key MYC team members are from Goetz, and the yard prepped Rich Wilson’s IMOCA 60’s, plus they work on numerous Class 40’s. Here is a list of the more major things MYC has done on Sparrow since her arrival last year:

  • Remove & replace mast track, batten boxes and cars
  • Remove and replace rudder bearings, upper and lower
  • Repair main traveller beam
  • Repair main hatchway
  • Remove kelp cutter, make watertight and patch deck
  • Repair deck and replace turning block backing plates
  • Remove, inspect & rebed chainplates and jib tracks
  • Fabricate gooseneck pin, repair boom
  • Repair autopilot tiller arm
  • Clean up keel, prime & paint
  • Repair main & jib
  • Inspect standing rigging

Given the stress-testing and all this work, she is in much better shape than when I departed in 2020. She should be in the water early next month, and hopefully do some sailing!

3 thoughts on “Repairs

  1. Glad to hear about all of the repairs and even more glad to hear that Sparrow will splash soon! All the best, ~ Chelle


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