Safe in Portland

Sparrow is safe in Portland. Overcoming the odds, all went well and according to plan. The weather cooperated more than I had a right to ask, largely from the southwest all the way up to Nantucket. It is easy to see how the Gulf Stream currents past Hatteras can cause problems for all those who pass through there. Waters seemed unusually disturbed even in the light conditions. Off Nantucket and Cape Cod I was greeted by dozens of porpoise, always welcome as they appear so happy. One scare I had was when Sparrow picked up a lobster pot on her keel that wouldn’t come off despite various maneuvers. I prepared to go overboard: I hove-to, tied up a swimming line, got out the big knife and towel and was just about to go over the stern into the 64 degree water when I noticed the pot buoy floating off further away. Yay! It had let go! I was delighted to sheath the knife. Then the last few hours was I beating into 25 knots and under staysail and double-reefed main but no big deal in the Gulf of Maine.

Sparrow arrived into Portland Harbor at 2am, just at high tide to slip into the empty docks at the Maine Yacht Center. The timing with the tide was perfect, making my lack of sleep all OK. Over the next 24 hours there was much rushing around to pack back up and put the boat away before the Nor’easter hit the next day. MYC wisely put Sparrow on a safe mooring to ride out the weather. Sparrow should be pulled out of the water next week, mast pulled, and keel and rudder removed for the winter. I’m feeling like Sparrow is in good hands there at MYC.

I’m back in California now, attending a bit to the pillow business and pondering my next move.

6 thoughts on “Safe in Portland

  1. Hi, Whitall! So happy to hear you and Sparrow had a wonderful trip — even happier knowing you didn’t have to get in the water to address the lobster pot situation! I hear a lot about how tricky those are for other sailors, too! I’ll be excited to learn your next steps — btw, I’m curious if you’d be willing to share why you decided to sail Sparrow up to Maine for her winter hibernation, as opposed to leaving her where she was? No worries if I’m going places I shouldn’t — honestly, truly was only just curious. ⛵️😊 Happy Halloween! 🎃👻 ~ Chelle & SV Sunny


      1. Hi, Whitall! Thank you so much for letting me know; that’s great you’ll have her at a facility that is familiar with her design! Can’t wait to hear where your plans lie ahead!


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