Preparing for Departure

Sparrow getting prepped

It’s been a busy 3 days getting Sparrow re-rigged, but we are mostly there. Just some more reefing lines, need to un-freeze the engine controls, new plumbers putty on the kelp cutter where it comes through the deck.

Good news is the battery was still charged and the engine fired up. The NKE wind instrument is stuck on 21.8knots for some reason. No matter, I will proceed with just compass mode.

High tide here is around 6 am and 6 pm. Awkward as I need to swing by the fuel dock. We will see.

There is a cold front moving though overnight. Things settle down by Sunday night, so I’m planning to depart either tomorrow night or Monday morning. High tide is at 7am Monday so that seems more likely for fueling.

I won’t be able to post enroute, but I will have the tracker on and you can text me on that also.

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