1,000 Miles Left

22N, 64W

Yesterday morning I was being chased by a big line of squalls. At first frustrating as they caused fickle winds from different directions and speeds. Then I learned to go with it and gybed a lot, having fun in the rain. Early afternoon things settled down and presto! Back to champagne sailing. Lovely, romantic moonlight sail last night with the light dancing off the clouds. The never ending light show continues. Even a ship came by to light up the horizon and add interest. Nothing like going 10 knots in smooth seas. Nothing. Not even Space Mountain at Disneyland.

I’ve come to appreciate Sparrow a lot. She makes quick work of sloppy seas. Glides down waves with glee. Easy to add or decrease sail. I’ll have to figure it out when I get back, but Sparrow may be averaging 200 miles a day while I baby her. On this count it will be sad to see land and have to end this adventure. Sadder still to part with her, but someone can have another amazing adventure with her.

Six days to land. Drinking in the last seconds.

3 thoughts on “1,000 Miles Left

  1. Whitall, I’m both excited and sad for you — excited for you to be having such a lovely sail back to the States with Sparrow and to be returning home, but, admittedly, also feeling melancholic that you will part ways with Sparrow. What an adventure you two have had! I will miss your posts, for sure — I’ve truly enjoyed following along on your journey with Sparrow these past several months! I thank you for your wonderful blog; it has provided respite for me during difficult times! As a person who is coming home to sailing after having been away for 15 years, I’m curious — if you’d be willing to share — what has shaped your decision to part company with Sparrow? My new sailboat arrives in early April; I’m busy with preparations to receive her and start our adventure together this season. Fair winds and following seas! 🙂


  2. Give a shout out to my Daughter Windy and her husband Gary in San Juan, Santo Domingo they live there 7 years when you go pass by.


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