7N, 45W

Wind came back. It’s been 20-30 on the beam for 36 hours now. Sloppy seas with an impressive amount of water coming over the deck. Rather uncomfortable going, reading is tough along with typing. So a little music today: bringing the 70’s back with Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens. Cat hasn’t aged well. Salt N Pepa on the other hand, you are doing just fine girl.

Lost two mainsail cars, so I had to steal two from down low. So Sparrow continues on reefed. Currently 3 reefs in as we bang along so not a big deal. It does mean though that I won’t be trying to get up to Newport this pass. I don’t want to risk needing to pound to weather and losing more cars in bad weather.

Perhaps a breakthrough with a destination. Looks like Sparrow is heading for Charleston. Someone should look up Brad Van Lieu and let him know his old boat (Balance Bar) will be in port in two weeks. I think he should have his storm jib back.

I’m having a lot of reflections on this project. Successes and failures yes, but more importantly how the alone time has provided for self-reflection as I enter the last third of life. Being cut-off from the constant media buzz has been amazingly healthy and productive. I will write more about this later after I’ve had time to distill things down. Or perhaps not. Sometimes I wonder what I should be discussing on a sailing blog!

2400 miles to Charleston.


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