Back across the Equator

2N, 38W

Yup, north of the equator after a few months down south. Winter, oh boy.

Progress is slowed. 3-5 knots of breeze from all over the place. Forecast shows a steady 15-20. Sloppy cross-swell. Sparrow has two reefs in, a tight mainsheet, and tighter angles to keep the banging down. I knew the forecast was too good to be true. I assume this is the ITCZ. Brooding clouds around, heavy with rain. We had a terrific rain last night where Sparrow and I got a much needed washdown.

An event occurred early in the evening of the 21st. Apparently the hydrogenerator hit something at 10+ knots and broke loose from it’s bracket. I heard nothing so was unaware of anything until I noticed there was no charge to the battery. I went aft to pull the prop out of the water when I found the whole unit dragging by the lifting tackle. The electrical wire sheared off where it exits the fin. I was lucky not to have lost the whole unit!

A repair I suspect would require disassembly of the lower housing to extract the generator motor. The electrical wire needs reconnecting to the motor/generator. There is a nub sticking out that I may be able to get a needle through to fish a string as I pull the motor. I think there is enough wire to simply reconnect the wire to the generator. Then straighten the pin, remount the unit and wire it back up. Not really worried about it as I have enough fuel to keep the battery juiced up. Perhaps I will make an attempt in smoother seas.

Working our way through the slop, hopefully the tradewinds will return soon and we will be off again.


3 thoughts on “Back across the Equator

  1. Too bad about the hydro-gen. You made short work of the South Atlantic. At the time of this response you are doing 10+knts on rumbline, and making it look easy!!!


  2. What where is your spirit of Adventure? Head up the Amazon not the .Com the river. I will tell you about my scheduled 1970s trip up it when you get back. Your a great sailor


  3. I hope you are enjoying the warm climes less than a month after the Southern ocean weather! I very much liked your post about things that worked and things that broke – very useful info! (and hope you can fix the hydro-gen).


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