Recife Ho!

11S 33W

Almost up to the turning point where Sparrow can start heading to the NW. Maybe tomorrow if the wind holds. Four days of banging upwind has yielded a lighter breeze on the beam and we are back to champagne sailing as of yesterday morning! Sparrow can be such a delight. Smoothing the seas with her ballast, going an easy 9 knots in 10 knots of breeze. Decks aren’t quite dry, but they will be after I turn the corner. I think today marks 3 weeks since heading out.

I’m taking Recife wide to avoid traffic and fishing boats. I just sleep better. Also, I remember reading years ago to give the Amazon Delta room as tree trunks wander about. No idea if that’s still true or if it ever was, but I shall sleep better. Not as hot as I thought it would be here.

Shipping traffic is different. All the ships are in no hurry moving at 11-13 knots. A guy came up behind me last week and it took him 2 days to pass me. They never hail me, never change course so I do if prudent. Ghost ships.

The equator beckons. The Big Dipper was in her glory last night, pointing at a star below the horizon.

One thought on “Recife Ho!

  1. Very nice. Yes you will soon see that elusive Polaris! I remember passing about 50 miles off the Rio Magdalena Columbia and seeing lots of debris in the water. And also brown, not blue. Well, the northern constellations beckon.


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