Riding North

It’s been a couple of days since posting, but not much going on. Wind continues to be from where I’d like to go, but less than 10 knots and smooth seas so a rather comfortable, delightful magic carpet ride. Really treasuring the moments out here. Hoping for a lift as Sparrow heads north, so we will see.

Finished up the highly acclaimed Rites of Spring, about WWI. Not a recounting of the war, but more a discussion about the culture that gave rise to it, the culture of the times, the horrors of infantrymen both in the trenches and when they tried to assimilate back into society, and the culture that led to the rise of Hitler. To be honest it felt like it provided few answers to why the catastrophic war happened. For great background on the war itself, Dan Carlin’s podcast Hardcore History is terrific. He gives you detail for what happened and a feel for the horrors of that war. Many view WWII as a
continuation of WWI, at least in Europe, and I think that’s right. Perhaps the why of the war is still a bit of a mystery. Finally, I have no idea why I’m writing about this.

Anyway, that wraps up history on my list. Now I’m on to philosophical underpinnings of politics and law. Great stuff.

Still 1,000 miles from Recife.

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