Passing 40S Parallel!

I’ve been slowing down intentionally waiting for a pesky low pressure system pass by to the north. Basically just waiting for the last 2 days while we get tossed around in some of the most confused seas I’ve ever seen. Quite the washing machine in the cabin. Except instead of getting clean, I just smell more and more funky. What is that smell, anyway?

One funny thing I’ll mention. The gooseneck pin is still falling out. Apparently when the boom moves from side to side it slowly unscrews the top nut. I should have had Steve drill a 3/32” hole in the pin so a cotter pin could retain the nut. Amazing how the sea finds any little detail amiss. So, it looks like the gooseneck pin holder-upper will be reinstalled. Didn’t see that coming, except I did keep the pieces for some reason…

Sparrow will soon cross the 40S parallel! This would be a sort of demarcation for the end of the Southern Ocean. It won’t feel like it until this low passes by (cloudy and rainy today), but still it’s warming up! My fingers and toes aren’t numb anymore! I can’t see my breath! Hopefully we will experience some champagne sailing soon, and I can enjoy beverages out in the cockpit again. Maybe even the sun will come out.

No regrets about not continuing around. It was an unfortunate set of occurrences, but the right call was made. Doing my best to enjoy the remaining month at sea. Getting some great reading done.

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