Small Gale & Another Full Gale on the Way

48S 48W

Yesterday Sparrow found herself in a small gale – 35-40 knots. Not normally a problem but the furling line parted at the bow and the jib unrolled completely.


I spent about 3 hours up on the bow dealing with the mess. I ended up taking the sail down and putting up the storm jib. Very rough. Poseidon apparently had to throw one more punch from the 50 South latitudes before I escaped to the 40’s. I managed to have seawater go up my sleeves and soak my only fleece tops. So now I hide under blankets while below and race north for warmth.

Today we are seeing 25 knots from a favorable angle and I’ve kept the storm jib up with double reefed main. Seas unusually rough.

Fast moving low coming off the coast coming at Sparrow. Looks like I’m going to get blasted. Will be an interesting couple of days.

All OK aboard.

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