Puerto Williams Departure

As of this morning, Sparrow and I have been cleared to depart Chile. Sparrow is all patched up, ready for her venture north. First I shall try to motor upwind to the west 50 miles or so to see a glacier or two, then turn east, then north around the corner. I can’t say the weather is good for going west, but it’s good enough to get moving and the barometer is rising. The tracker is on, pinging every hour.

Just waiting on bread. I’m told it’s worth waiting for! I have no doubt as I have been breadless for a long time now and it’s been lurking as a secret craving. Other than that, diesel tank is mostly full, water tank is full and I’ve plenty of food aboard. Everything is stowed and ready.

I shall forever remember the warm, kind, and generous hospitality here in Puerto Williams. I dare say I shall be in touch with a number of them as I am so grateful for their help and kindness. From loaning me a dinghy to hosting dinners for me, it has been a delightful visit.

Puerto Williams is a growing hub of activity. Each year more boats arrive to tour Tierra del Fuego or launch to Antarctica. Rumors of expanding Micalvi, and even a new wharf to support small cruise ships to areas even farther south.

I shall report back soon from the Western Beagle Channel.

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