Repairs Almost Complete

Box of Parts Arrived Right on Schedule!

Packaged beautifully by Steve, the box of parts arrived right on schedule apparently moving through Customs unopened. The last few days have been busy here, and I’m down to just a few items left. I will finish all but one today, the batten box and car installations due to the weather. It has dramatically turned worse, cold and rainy with 20-30 knots of wind making it untenable to raise the main. The winds are also keeping me from shore to attend to some administrative and connectivity matters to set up a properly working cell phone.

There is a non-profit sailing school here called Cedenas that does amazing work teaching children to sail. I looked into donating Sparrow to the school here, but it doesn’t look like it will work out due to tax and tariff laws. So Sparrow will be heading north up through the Atlantic to the East Coast of the US. Mostly due to my lack of confidence in the deck and rudder bearing, some due to COVID restrictions driving countries to close their borders to visitors. So my goal of sailing around the world is ended, but I accomplished the real goal of experiencing life’s amazing highs and lows. One amazing high being rounding Cape Horn, one amazing low being denied anchoring by an inhumane Argentinian bureaucrat. I am looking forward to some more weeks at sea, hopefully uneventful.

As to the next port of call, I do not know yet. There are a number of US Ports of Entry, but fewer with the draft Sparrow needs and available space. Port Canaveral is a possibility, but there is no available occupancy due to COVID I am told. This could change by the time I’m in the neighborhood. Newport, RI has the depth, but not sure of availability and I don’t relish heading up there in March.

I expect to depart in a few days, weather permitting. I will start the tracker up the day of departure.

8 thoughts on “Repairs Almost Complete

  1. Great to hear parts arrived. I have good friends who live in Florianopolis part way up the Brazilian coast if you should need to drop in somewhere. Let me know and they could look into dock availability.


  2. I guess you just have to roll with the waves. ( you’ve had enough punches!)

    I bet another for your hi-points is the wonderful experience and people that you have met where you are now. So glad that you were able to put in there.

    Fair winds.


  3. Have a safe trip home! What an amazing adventure, an although it’s a bummer to end this attempt, as the Russian saying goes, “pervyi blin komom” (you can ask Igor to translate), but basically, there is always going to be another chance for you to take a crack at it.


  4. Ahoy, Whitall! I found your blog via Margie Woods’ lovely ‘sailinghaunani’ blog. I have very much enjoyed reading about your adventures as I have with Margie’s. I completely understand the reasons for your decision to travel north, instead of continuing to circumnavigate. I can imagine how it must have been a very difficult decision to make! I do hope you will still continue to chronicle your journey with Sparrow, here, on your blog as you travel northbound! After having left my sea legs behind some 15 years ago, I recently purchased a small sailboat to come back home to sailing. I have missed sailing so much over the years, so I am ecstatic to get back on the water! I have recently started a blog about my sailing adventures, too — in fact, I blogged about Margie and Haunani, as well as you and Sparrow, in one of my recent posts; this is as I was pondering, amongst other food for thought, the nature of ‘fixing things’ in Life…or making the painful decision to let things go. Wishing you a safe journey as you continue on… all the best to you! ~ sailawaywithchelle aka ‘Chelle’


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