Ushuaia Bound

Heading for Ushuaia for repairs. Should arrive tomorrow morning. No idea what will happen with Customs and COVID. The port side double turning block ripped out of the deck this morning, complete with broken backing plate. This happened while I was heading upwind through the straight in 20 knots, smooth seas. This is on top of the traveler failure the other day, which I am unable to repair at sea.

No further decisions have been made.

Here is the repair list, dunno what’s going to get done before Sparrow moves again:
Deck Gear
⦁ Gooseneck Pin (2)
⦁ Traveler cars – Harken Big Boat
⦁ Turning blocks – new backing plates all around? New Core material? ⦁ 3rd Reef Outer Block lashing
⦁ Jib Halyard
Deck Leaks
⦁ Coachroof cracks
⦁ Dodger leaks
⦁ Hatch leaks
⦁ Chainplate leaks
⦁ Deck track leaks
⦁ Keel joint?
⦁ Upper Rudder Bearing (squeal and leak)
⦁ Jib Battens and repairs
⦁ Mainsail batten cars
⦁ Code 0 (tough)
⦁ A2? Top furler? Sock?
⦁ NKE GPS Antenna
⦁ NKE WiFi Box
⦁ Echomax XS antenna?
⦁ New clocks
⦁ Battery Monitor
⦁ Solar Controller programming
⦁ Main Alternator Regulator programming
⦁ Watt& Sea Blades
Masthead tricolor
Better provisions
⦁ Watermaker – fresh water salinity
⦁ Galley wall

4 thoughts on “Ushuaia Bound

  1. W. I am sure you are bummed, but that will go away after you have downed a hot. Chilean meal or two with some gut rot hard liquor an d had some rest. Anyway excellent job and in keeping things together as long as you have. Rod


  2. Sorry to hear you were forced to stop for repairs Whitall. To get as far as you have against every obstacle is a feat you should be proud of!!


  3. Sorry that you have had to stop but I am also so incredibly blown away by where you are and what it took to get there. You’re my hero. I’m sending you so much love and good juju, my intrepid friend.


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