Cape Horn!


An emotional morning after not much sleep last night. Sparrow finally rounded Cape Horn! Delayed due to a period of no wind and mainsail traveler car issues last night. I’m grateful for the delay and the good weather this morning as it allowed me to see the surrounding area. Snow on the Andes! It’s really spectacular country down here.

Chilean Coast Guard checked in with me for which I am also grateful.

Special shout-out to Brian Boschma for the Chardonnay! I little early, but so very welcome! Another special shout-out to Jamie Cantu for the Capilene insistency. The long underwear has made a cold trip tolerable.

So nice to have a few hours of relatively calm seas here in the lee of South America. Somehow seeing Cape Horn this way has made this whole effort feel worthwhile. Stage 2 complete.

Now for a little lunch, and some sleep.

13 thoughts on “Cape Horn!

  1. Wow. Good job my friend get some rest. Never doubted it second you wouldn’t make it around the Horn. You’re a bad ass. 😁


  2. Awesome Whitall!
    I’m so glad Windy was wrong!
    Great photo if that rock!!! I wonder if anyone saw you rounding from the memorial or lighthouse!
    Cecile Schwedes


  3. Awesome landmark!!! Thanks for the inspirational posts – extra motivation to get my butt off the couch and prepare the boat for the Dan Byrne races!


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