Cape Horn Rounding

Christmas Day, 2020

It looks like I will round Cape Horn around 6am EST tomorrow the 26th. With luck I will be able to see the fabled rock in the dawn’s early light. This rounding marks the trip being 1/3rd complete. Didn’t quite realize how far it is to get here. While it deserves it’s fearsome reputation I must have paid my penance to Poseidon during the last week. Here is a screenshot from Expedition showing a suggested routing around the Cape and up through the Straits de Maire. I’m so grateful it’s looking so benign, and it should be interesting going through the Straits. I am so ready for lighter breezes and calmer seas.

Here also is a shot of the sunset yesterday. First and likely only sunset I’ve experienced down here.

On this day I’m reflecting on home life. Amidst the sadness of missing everyone, there are also so many wonderful things I have to look forward to getting back to. Spending time with my kids, friends and co-workers first among them. But also working on my next project, whatever that ends up being. Life is such an extraordinary miracle. So I will be proceeding cautiously, not taking any undue risks the remainder of the trip. I hear the Indian Ocean typically has surprises in store.

But now is the time to get around the Cape. See you on the other side.

6 thoughts on “Cape Horn Rounding

  1. Congratulations Whitall! Watched your progress approaching and rounding. I hope you could see the island-. Windy said you were in 30+ knots. It looked like you passed within 6 nm. I hope the seas weren’t too confused though down- Windy said 1.5m @ 8 seconds.


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