52 South Gales

Made good time yesterday under 3 reefs and staysail. Sun popped out for a few hours and it was actually pretty amazing going for a while. Surfing up to 18 knots.

Barometer falling and wind around 35. Staysail came down this morning and we are now using Brad van Lieuw’s storm jib. Underpowered for the moment, but at times we see 40+ knots. We may end up running with this combo all the way to the Horn. Weather looks lousy.

It’s in the 40’s down here, so lots of layers. Condensation forms pretty quickly for that special damp feeling everywhere below. Periodic rain topside.

Hoping I’ve solved the leak over the nav station electronics. Epoxy, caulk, tape, everything tried to no avail. Deck flexing against a stiff tube is a puzzle. Anyway, we are now using some plumber’s putty and some tough crack filling goop that should flex a bit.

No news yet on the rudder bearing problem. I’m thinking the hull is flexing around the bearing and rudder shaft. Maybe end up lubricating, sailing conservatively, less runner tension and limping around a bit when seas are up. As the are continuously down here.

3 thoughts on “52 South Gales

  1. That’s an epic wake shot. I guess Sparrow was designed and built for these conditions – looks like it’s really moving! Good luck rounding the Horn!!!


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