Day 38

Cold, cloudy and dreary but benign down here so far. Everything good. Reprogrammed the hydrogenerator yet again to charge better with the lithium bank. I think I have it now, so we are all OK with power as long as the hydrogen keep working. 3/4 of a tank of fuel, so if we can make it to the Horn without using anymore fuel we will be good to the finish.

Solar panels have been disappointing due to a nasty trick Victron played on me. Apparently when I was near Hawaii and my iPhone connected, the Victron app updated. I didn’t notice of course so when I checked the panels on the app, it said I couldn’t view the settings without updating the firmware on the controllers. It’s amazing how everything demands that you be connected to the internet, all the time.

The Mountain House food just isn’t working for me. High carb & high sodium is hard to take over time. The Peak Refuel is so much better. Not awesome, but I don’t cringe when I pick up a pouch. Some of it is quite agreeable, and really glad I weeded out the meals I didn’t care for before departure.

The large albatross down here are mesmerizing. They are huge, bigger than me. Sort of like a dinosaur I guess. The ones that have been around zoom through the swells and disappear in the troughs, so smoothly against the turbulent ocean. An astonishing evolution of life. I will attempt some photos when one comes back.

Christmas is coming fast, hope everyone is ready!

2,150 miles to the Horn. Gotta go gybe to the East.

2 thoughts on “Day 38

  1. Try to imagine those albatross with the PSSALA logo on their chests so you can feel how we are all keeping our eyes and thoughts on you…keep an eye out for the Vendée Globe leaders when you reach the Horn!


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