Quarter of the Way Around

As of 12/14/2020 (Day 36)

Stage 1 (GGB to Hawaii) 2,131nm (100% Complete)
Stage 2 (Hawaii to Cape Horn): 6,310 (60% Complete)
Stage 3 (Cape Horn to South Cape, NZ): 9,836
Stage 4 (South Cape, NZ to GGB): 6,348
Total Distance: 24,624 (25% Complete)

Sure doesn’t feel like I’ve sailed 25% around the world.

Sparrow and I have had some lovely sailing days underneath this funny high pressure zone, beating into 5-10 knots. Yesterday was sunny and cold (low 60’s), today cloudy and warmer. Boat speed has mostly been OK, but the wind direction has been difficult and we have been beating into the breeze, tacking some in shifts. Forecast says another sluggish 24 hours, then speeding up. We shall see.

Passing through 40 degrees South today, so things should start to get real. Saw a very large albatross this morning. Feeling better organized, issues dealt with so progressing with cautious confidence and trepidation.

2,400 miles to the Horn.

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