Wind Behind Sparrow

Yesterday afternoon was spent chasing big, ugly looking squalls for wind. 4 knots of speed in sloppy cross seas without a squall, 8+ knots with one. Squalls also have the benefit of clouds and rain, let me explain. First, the clouds block the sun, which is nearly directly overhead at this latitude at this time of year so the temperature relief is most welcome. Second the rain rinses the salt off the deck and all Sparrows gear, the salt is quite corrosive to everything over time. Finally yours truly got to get the second shower of the trip, complete with shampoo and Irish Spring. An understatement to say I’m a new man. Along with washing me, I managed to do some laundry which mainly means washing the salt out of things as best I’m able with detergent.

Late in the day after dinner, the wind filled in from behind (14 knots) and we are finally sailing offwind. Only took a month! This looks like the start of the train to get to the Horn. Gotta say, it’s a bit weird to have the sun to the north of me. I’ve been in the Southern Hemisphere before, but don’t remember that part.

Anyway, looks like relatively easy going for the next week, if not particularly fast. These are perfect A2 conditions, and we are going 2 knots slower than we should. Easy and safe miles with just the main and jib though.

2 thoughts on “Wind Behind Sparrow

  1. Awesome Whitall! We saw sperm whales where you are located, the spout is like a steaming manhole cover low and broad. One swam right under the boat. Enjoy those “Moby Dick” moments.


  2. Ahh, a good soak in some fresh water, and clean laundry will be give those salt sores on your butt ( just a guess) a chance to heal. – Rod


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