28 South, Day 30

Sparrow appears to be in a bit of a transition zone. Wind finally swung around behind the beam at 1am and now is astern at 5 knots. So we angled East to try to make way, hoping the wind fills in soon to carry us to the Horn.

The first day with dry decks! I was able to eat dinner last night up by the mast which was amazing as we were slipping along at 8 knots with the sea shimmering with starlight as disk settled to night.

With the relatively calm weather I went for another swim to check the keel. Some leaks are appearing at the at end of the keelbox, so I figured there would be cracks at the keel-hull joint where there is typically flexing that goes on that causes cracking. With the slamming from the last 3 weeks, water was being forced up the crack and out the keel box in the interior. Not much but apparent. There is not keel movement so I’m just counting this as a minor leak and pressing on. Hopefully it stays a minor leak. No leaking at all in this easy weather.

The gooseneck pin epoxy trick has failed already. I will just inspect twice a day and keep tapping it up. Chafe is starting to appear in some critical areas. I didn’t bring along any extra chafe cover material, big mistake. I have spare lines and I’m sure I’ll just have to get creative as I go.

3,470 nm to The Horn

4 thoughts on “28 South, Day 30

  1. Nice going Whitall!!
    Regarding the gooseneck pin: if the top end sticks out of the fitting, you may be able to flare it out by hammering on it. This will prevent it from slipping down. To do this, you’ll have to hold something heavy to the bottom of the pin to serve as an anvil (like a sledge hammer or vise) – it’s the mass will absorb the momentum of the strike. Also, it might help to drill a few small shallow holes around the perimeter of the top edge of the pin, and use a punch to push out the metal. Stainless steel is actually fairly malleable, so this might be not as difficult as it sounds.


  2. What you brought a Goose on your Boat don’t you know it’s not a Sea Bird and putting a pin on its neck is a little far out. I always have.Butt Paste which is mostly Zinc for Chaff in critical areas on the my boat.


  3. Too bad about epoxy. Think Alex has a good idea. Or if there is space at top wedge a shim into gap with hammer to increase friction.


  4. Too bad about epoxy. Think Alex has a good idea. Or if there is space at top wedge a shim into gap with hammer to increase friction. Rod


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