French Polynesia

The Trades have relaxed a bit today, now 10-15 and shifted just a bit North. This had made a huge difference aboard Sparrow as I’m able to open some hatches to dry out the boat!!! I may even bathe later…

I was hoping for a little lift to ease Sparrow over the French Polynesian archipeligo, but it looks like it will only be for a day and tomorrow the Trades will be back to 15-20 knots out of the East. That means more banging upwind, discomfort and slower progress. hard to complain while sailing through the Tropics though. The nights out here are magical: the moon, the clouds, the shadows, the stars. A continuous light show.

Regarding Sparrow’s issues, the jib halyard is now run to a turning block on deck and run aft to a cockpit winch. The halyard is secure this way, and the mast winch is free for the staysail or storm jib. My plan is to watch the chafe at the mast exit, which I assume at some point will need attention and a plan B. My current plan B is a lashing around the spreaders, but I have to confidence that the chafe with this plan would be less than what I’ve already done.

The gooseneck pin and some more epoxy work is awaiting for an island or atoll to arrive somewhere along our route, which I expect in a few days. The plan for the pin is to use some additional temporary 1/2″ bolts which I have as follows: 1) use 1/2″ bolt as a punch to push down existing pin from top gudgeon. Use a second 1/2″ bolt as a punch to push down and out the existing pin from the lower gudgeon. After cleaning, inspecting and tef-gelling the existing pin, remove the temporary top bolt and tap the long pin through the top gudgeon, then remove the low bolt and continue to tap the long pin through the lower gudgeon. A few other details, but that’s the basic idea so things don’t go to hell with a 26′ boom getting loose while I drift around.

Remaining epoxy work to address some leaks and a minor galley issue. I can’t address the leaks while the deck is wet, and would rather not while Sparrow is banging to weather.

Sorry about COVID, everyone. There is no escape from problems out here either.

One thought on “French Polynesia

  1. Glad to hear you are on lookout for a place to drop hook and lick your wounds. Suggest you add getting a good nights rest while at anchor to the list of “to-does”. Charge your own batteries a bit before you tackle the tempest of Southern Ocean, you’ll be happier for it. Rod

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