A small bit of excitement today! Passed the equator this morning, no more Polaris. Funny how I just went from Fall to Spring!

I’ve been heading upwind since leaving Hawaii, it’s gotten quite old by now and I’m craving some offwind, smoother sailing. Each of the last few days has been very similar to the last, although I’m slowly getting lifted to the East. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll actually be on course!

No ships for many days now. Easy to get complacent.

3 thoughts on “Equator!

  1. Awesome news Whitall! I hope you made progress with the repairs. I will be happy to help if you need! Did you find the turkey I left in the crash box? Poor thing must be thirsty!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sail fast !


  2. Where did the cover come apart? Most likely the core is still okay and that carries all the load. Can you tie it off around the winch? I have done that before. What type of batten boxes do you have?


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