Happy Thanksgiving from 3N

Hi Everyone,

A heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving from Sparrow!

Quincy – I hope you are not as lonely as I am today, and are doing well down at UCI. Study hard, play hard!

Annika – Take care of Cody, Dustan and your Mom. Love you so!

Dustan – Find things to stay busy!

Team Murtex – I am so grateful for you all. Please stay healthy. I shall open some wine tonight and toast 2020!

A small Thanksgiving story: A few minutes before I untied the lines to depart the California Yacht Marina in Wilmington, unexpectedly my next-slip dock neighbors arrived with fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of red wine. Nothing quite like warm cookies as you sail off into the dark on a cold October evening. I shall open the wine this evening to enhance my Thanksgiving.

Pass the love on.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from 3N

  1. Happy thanks giving! If you hear some noise, that’s probably the turkey i locked upfront in your water tight compartment! It must be hungry!

    Sail fast and enjoy!



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