Fresh Water Day

As I mentioned, one of the larger issues that arose on Day One was that the water tank became contaminated – cloudy and soapy. Rather a big deal no having potable water. I have a 7 gallon jug in reserve that I started to use yesterday and this morning.

After pumping out the tank, I got the water maker started and it’s been putting out the 1 gallon per hour for a few hours now. First the jug was replenished, now there are a few gallons in the tank, which I will swish around and pump out again. Repeat until the water is clean and refill. The watermaker then gets run about an hour per day to keep the membrane fresh.

After some analysis, I determined that the pex to hose joint must have leaked, allowing some lose dirty bilge water into the tank. A bit of a mystery, really as the tank didn’t leak out, but perhaps Sparrow was leaned over so far the pressure was only in? Deck fill leak was ruled out – no salty taste & it didn’t explain the soapyness. I put some Life-Calk on the joints and it should hold. Anyway, my stress level is way down with the watermaker happily cranking away.

Regarding progress, last night was an up and down night with both drifting with no wind and enjoying a light breeze with the Code 0. Ran into an autopilot failure, but I was able to troubleshoot and get the system going again. It’s been 12 hours without a hiccup. Currently faced with a southwesterly breeze, so opted to dive South. A bit annoying having both major weather models being so wrong and now I face 14 knots of headwinds. I admit however, I am enjoying putting Sparrow into better shape, settling in with better places to stow things, and generally being in cruising mode. At least for now.

The last major item from Day One is the leaking coachroof crack. I do not believe it is structural, which is to say Sparrow will make it around if left unaddressed. More that it appeared as the hull and deck flexed in the rough seas. It is, however a leak nuisance. I put some duct tape on it today as a temporary patch while I figure out a more permanent solution before 40S.

Finally, I’m emotionally settling in, getting used to the idea that I will be out here for a while. Trying to savor those moments with the rising waning crescent moon, and the beautiful skies.

Hoping for warmer weather soon!

9 thoughts on “Fresh Water Day

  1. Nice going Whitall!! It looks like you’ve covered about the same distance as the Vendee Globe boats so far – the leaders sailed about 650 nm.


  2. Whitall, just heard about your journey and it is so satisfying to read about sailing around the world in un-French language. And your problems are also understandable, things that we all deal with everyday, not sensors on wingfoils acting up and causing the boat to go from 35 knots to zero. Or the inability to hand steer in the cockpit in the moonlight. I trust you might even catch a mahi-mahi because a fresh meal goes a long way ( as you will). I may have to come to LA when you return to hear in person of your legendary voyage at the next PSSA get together. My own voyages in the south pac were divided into watches 4 hrs at a time since we had 3 shifts schedule on the Malala Honua Voyage and I often dreamed of sailing out there alone like the Greats!!
    Mike Kaminskas


  3. Congratulations on the start of your epic adventure, Whitall! I am thoroughly enjoying your detailed posts. Good luck with managing all the “unexpected issues”. Stay safe and keep the awesome updates coming!


  4. Tiny little potable water problem solved Great. Remember Icebergs are made from fresh water. Fish and Giant Squid Eyes are a great source of liquid also.


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