Sparrow Heading Out at Dusk. Photo courtesy of Margie Woods.

Saturday there was a small gathering at the dock in Marina Bay. I have to say I’ve never felt so supported and loved. To all who were there, I can’t thank you enough. Sunday was quiet. I picked up some Loctite and more hydraulic fluid at Randy Reeves suggestion. Then awaited an odd short impulse with high winds and hard rain move through. Conditions heading out under the Gate could hardly have been better! Clear visibility, moderate breeze, no tacks required, and no traffic. I was blessed.

The loveliness was not to last. In a few hours I was in 25-30 knots with very chaotic, heavy, unpleasant seas. A sleepless night with newfound nuisance drips to go along with the green water regularly coming over the decks. My stomach was among the casualties, and I’m sure I find myself 5 pounds lighter her on Day 2. Felt very queasy and lethargic all day and into the night last night. Cold and damp below.

Aside from leaks, I broke a poorly designed piece of the galley cabinet which will require some epoxy and screws, the water in the tank has somehow become foamy, so I shall have to pump it out and refill by running the watermaker, and most severely, a crack has opened up in the coachroof. I believe it to be more a leak nuisance than structural, but a repair probably requires attending to both. Lighter air for a long time to come, so plenty of time to address this. All else is well.

Today greeted Sparrow with a fairer and warmer day. Stomach is better, I can stand to be at the computer, and make repairs. Weather forecast has changed dramatically from 48 hours ago. The quick trip to Hawaii I was looking at is now more complex, and of course the GFS and ECMWF do not agree. The emotional weirdness of Sunday and the first day – am I really doing this? – have now worn off and I’m settling in to my new reality. Sprits are good onboard with a better stomach, easier conditions, and a good breakfast with coffee.

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