Departure Weather: Staysail or Storm Jib?

ECMWF Model 5pm Sunday showing gale
GFS Model 5pm Sunday

Once again the two global weather models show very different conditions only 75 hours out. We will see if they converge on Saturday. On the trip up the two models didn’t converge until 12 hours before. Sparrow will likely depart even if the ECMWF model proves correct, into the gale. One note is the ECMWF calls for 15 ft seas at 9 secs. The short period is cause for concern. Not the best way to start, but I would bear downwind with triple reef and staysail or even storm jib until things moderate. Perhaps i will learn to love water ballast even more. Not looking forward to throwing up in the cockpit, but these conditions won’t last and the rest of the run to Hawaii looks pretty great. Also, with a delayed departure, winds go quite light getting off the Coast starting Monday.

Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Departure Weather: Staysail or Storm Jib?

  1. Sounds like you will be getting your sea legs pretty quickly.
    The sparrow was a good omen.
    Looking forward to reading about the voyage.
    Best of luck,
    Roger in Topanga


  2. Careful around Potato Patch coming out of the Gate. From my surfing days I know that some people attempt to surf it once in a while – there are sometimes large breaking waves (rather irregular – it’s all over the place, not a well-defined wave like Mavericks or Cortez Bank, but it does get pretty big). The shorter period swell will refract more around Pt. Bonita into the bay (a longer period swell tends to go more straight). I’d ask around for some local knowledge. At least it seems the fog will be blown off.


  3. I don’t understand why you would not wait 12 hours – am I missing something or are you a somewhat closeted adrenaline junkie?

    So close – very exciting!


    1. Only that the wind drops to very little in 12 hours near the Coast. Could end up drifting around for a while. Looking like I may wait 2 hours as things looking like they will settle down early evening.


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