I’ve learned over the last 3 years that Sparrow will take every bit of energy I have in me, and will want still more to be sailed aggressively. Headsail changes, reefs, sheeting, steering on a high performance boat mean that the work is near constant. Time for sleep, navigating, weather analysis, eating, brushing, etc. is all taken away from sailing fast. Thus the trip quickly becomes a constant stream of deciding what to do next to keep sailing fast and taking care of the skipper and the boat. I wonder how I can get any reading done!

I am 58 and can feel I am past my prime. I have mitral valve prolapse, take daily medication for hypothyroidism, a hip going bad, oh, and toenail fungus. That said, I am lucky that I setup a home gym well before COVID hit.

Outside weight rack
Rowing machine in the living room

I am 6′-3″, 192 lbs. and feel pretty good these days. Paul Horn at Horn Strength and Conditioning says I need to gain at least 20 pounds at I will undoubtedly lose weight and strength on the trip. He’s right. I’ve been lifting twice a week and rowing for 20-30 minutes on non-lifting days. Just 4 years ago I could lift three times a week, but now my body just doesn’t recover as fast. A day a week off. Eating more protein and less carbohydrates is helping my strength training, but obviously I’m not eating enough! My working weights are: 205 squat, 225 deadlift, 165 bench. I’m noting them here both so folks can see where I’m at, and also as a record to see how much I deteriorate by the time I get back.

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