Getting to SF

GFS Forecast Tuesday Evening looks unpleasant for getting around Pt. Conception
ECMWF Forecast at the same time, looks quite acceptable!

Still waiting for the weather to sort itself out. The models are in disagreement due to the timing of a high pressure ridge. The ECMWF has it a bit further South, greatly helping conditions for motoring North. We will see what happens, I expect the models to converge over the next 24 hours. My schedule is such that I don’t have much wiggle room.

4 thoughts on “Getting to SF

    1. Right! All coming. Don’t let me forget the sauna & walk-in closets. More seriously, I’ll be making a series of more technical videos enroute. Bilge pump setup, water ballast design, chart table tour, jackline & clips points, flooding control, redundancy & spares , how I use Expedition, not sure what else…


  1. I spoke to your sister Agnes ystrdy. She Informed me of this remarkable adventure. Your father will be with you. He had hopes of me doing this one day….that dream has passed. So pleased you’ve taken the helm. Seems we both benefitted by having the greatest mentor a man could possibly ask for. Wishing you fulfillment, enlightenment, peace and success. Looking forward to watching you sail around the world alone. E.S. Newport, RI


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