2,222 Snickers Bars

Peak Refuel Meals

Along with trying to figure out how much TP to bring along, I’ve had to guess at how much food to store. So here are my assumptions, for better or worse: 3,500 calories per day x 72 days (up and down the Pacific) + 5,000 calories per day (Southern Ocean) x 50 days +20% safety factor = 600,000 total calories to bring.

For fun, since there are 270 calories in a Snickers Bar, that means I’ll carry 2,222 Snickers Bars.

Or not. More seriously, after sampling Mountain House, Wise, and Peak Refuel dehydrated food pouches, I decided to go with Peak Refuel pouches. High carbohydrate meals leave me lethargic, not a good thing offshore when more energy means more safety and ability to push the boat. Peak Refuel’s higher protein content was the primary driver, but some of the “meals” were quite acceptable and a solid discount from Peak Refuel due to the size of my order sealed the decision.

Each pouch has roughly 750 calories. “Serves 2”, it says. Maybe so, but when it’s cold I may be consuming easily 6 to 8 full pouches a day. I will also be bringing granola, milk & protein powder, and some chocolate, tea and coffee. Finally, a small bit of fishing gear if the mood suits.

Then there is stove fuel. A big can for the Jetboil says it provides 108 boils. 720 pouches + 2 “boils” per day for coffee/tea = 10 big cans.

10 Bags of Dehydrated Food

4 thoughts on “2,222 Snickers Bars

  1. Fair winds and following seas as you sail. We look fwd to following your voyage (from the comfort of our sofa). Best, Scott (Steve’s father-in-law)


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