Shakedown #1

Headed out Angel’s gate again in order to redeem myself after that trip in May that shall not be named. This time the breeze topped out at 20-25 knots, good enough for testing and making miles, at least the first 2 days. Autopilot performed flawlessly, watermaker tested good, hydrogenerator tested good, engine charging system still good, new furler good, satellite system good, A2 good. Even managed to do some camera testing on the return. The wind flattened down to nothing West of San Nicholas for maybe 6 hours. Here is Mr. handsome after a few days of interrupted sleep and no razor:

Camera Test

A few hours later, a little breeze came in and had an idyllic sail back past the West End. Rarely spent a more lovely afternoon.

Hello A2!
Slipping past West End at Sunset

Arriving back at the dock late, I spent the night aboard then returned to my car to find this:

Yes, no note.

After putting the pieces in the passenger seat, I drove home to clean myself up. Since I had no collision insurance, I paid a guy $200 to screw the pieces back together. Now the Frankenlexus.

Aside from my car, rather a successful 500 mile trip!

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