Mast Work

With my Fiasco Qualifier under my belt, it was time to have the rig pulled, have the rod heads inspected and of course replace the headstay along with a new Harken furler installed. After some research, I ended up coordinating with the Cabrillo Boat Shop and SD Boatworks to do the work.

The Rig at Cabrillo Boat Shop after refurbishment

Ryan and Chandler of SD Boatworks knocked the work out in less than 2 days, and Alan at SeaTech was very helpful making up the new headstay. Unfortunately a week delay due to crane scheduling occurred, and Ryan and Chandler were very patient coming back up to set the mast.

Ryan making sure the rods were all seated properly

Sparrow just after her mast was stepped.

With insufficient time, the Hawaii run was scrapped, and plans are made to do more shakedown cruises over the Summer to test systems. Perhaps for the best.

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